Pickleball Tournament Awards & Gifts

Give Yourself or Your Players a Unique Pickleball Tournament Award or Gift. Medals sit at home gathering dust; but a personalized Brag Sports Tag hangs on your sports bag for everyone to notice!  

Design a Custom Keepsake Brag Sports Tag to Show Off That Medal!

  •  Medalists - Create or Gift a Custom Keepsake for Any Current or Previous Win! 
  •  Tournament Directors - Make Your Next Event One to Remember with these Unique Keepsakes! 

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How it Works

1. Design Your Brag Sports Tag

Use Our online Customizer. It takes just a few minutes to create your tag! Include the medal won, the date and name of the event, and your name and division! 

2. Place Your Order

Once you approve your custom tag's design, we get to work creating a special keepsake for you! Custom products arrive in 2-3 weeks!

3. Strap to Your Bag, and BRAG!

No one likes a braggart....I mean unless you're an athlete, and then it's GAME ON! You've DINKED, SMASHED and STAYED OUT OF THE KITCHEN for your win! Strap your tag to your sports bag and brag! 

Design My Tag!